J. Michael Seyfert

Spinning stochastic bio data
of organisms into alluring
melodic contours

Self Funded Artist

J. Michael Seyfert

JMS is a self-ruling witness of the human condition whose films have challenged assumptions around the world and become seminal Latin America curriculum at distinguished universities. As co-founder of Cine Pobre Film Festival JMS has curated over 11,000 films from 134 countries culminating in "The Wellspring of Self Funded Film."

Given his wide sphere of interest JMS now explores a creative partnership between living organisms (plants and fungi) and the polyphonic language akin to 16th Century music composition spun into a Post Modern, sometimes 1970s electronic rock vibe.

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The True Goal of Music is Melody.

Bio Data Sonification

Bio-sonification means using technology to turn the bio-rhythms of living organisms into sound. The biodata from plants and fungi does not really sound like music as such but via a Musical Instrument Digitial Interface can be paired with sampled classical and modern instruments and processed to play in keys and note ranges chosen by an arranger to become unpredictable and unexpectedly beautiful sonic works of art.


The exoteric workshop "Nature As Creative Partner" offers fascinating insights into the imaginative mechanics and philosophy of bio data sonification, the shared experience of a fuzzy concept often referred to as 'plant music', presented vividly but absent any esoteric embellishment or assisted self-deception.


J. Michael Seyfert is available for Spanish language interviews, talks, lectures, conferences and workshops in Mexico and throughout Latin America.


There is no Algorithm for 50 years of Experience. As a seasoned Creative Director, JMS can help you make your Brand more competitive by enhancing your core Value proposition.

J. Michael Seyfert

filmmaker, photographer, creative director, sonic artist, curator, lecturer.

J. Michael Seyfert

Sonic Artist

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Bio Data Sonification


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Amaranto Jazz

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Amistad Serrana

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Plant Music


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